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Jesus Freak Geeks

Who We Are

We are the Jesus Freak Geeks. We love Jesus and technology. Here you’ll find everything from reviews, to discussions, to giveaways. If you love technology as much as us, and have a good talent or skill, join our team. We’d love to have you join us. Feel free to comment on the articles and email us.


Founder of Jesus Freak Geeks                                                                                         Other Sites

Jarrod Cartee is the founder of                                                                        Jesus Freak Geeks is part of I.L.J. Websites

Jesus Freak Geeks. He wants to                                                                         also founded by Jarrod Cartee. Other sites

reach out to people through the                                                                                     include Ten17 Ministries and

internet, and spread the gospel.                                                                                           Jarrods personal blog